Chemical Plus Service

$85/Month – Chemical Plus Service. In addition to maintaining proper water balance, it is also important to maintain your equipment in good running condition. We will perform Basic Chemical Service and also routine maintenance tasks, like emptying your baskets. sweep bags and we will clean your filter as needed. For only $85 / month we will:

  • Perform all items from the Basic Chemical Service.
  • Empty sweep bag and inspect your automatic pool sweep and pool cleaner feed filter.
  • Empty pump basket.
  • Empty skimmer basket.
  • Check your filter / filter pressure and backwash (DE or Sand Filters) or disassemble and spray out (Cartridge Filters or DE filters) as needed. Thorough grid inspection of DE filters, grid replacement or sand replacement or cartridge replacement incur extra one-time costs.
  • Visually inspect equipment for proper operation. We can perform small repairs or small part replacements automatically, or if you prefer, let you know what is needed and wait for your approval.
  • Make seasonal adjustments or recommendations for timer box settings.
  • If you have a solar heating, we will turn it off and drain the solar panels (only if drain spigots are reachable without a ladder) for winter and turn it on for summer.
  • Less than $5/week more than the Basic Chemical Service!