Basic Chemical Service

$55/Month – Basic Chemical Service. Having a proper chemical balance is important to maintain the life of your equipment and the health of your family. Instead of buying stockpiles of chemicals and test kits, you can let us maintain the chemical balance of your pool through weekly testing and adjustment. For only $60 / month, each week we will:

  • Test your water for proper chemical levels.
  • Add chemicals as needed to balance your water at no extra cost to you.  This includes Chlorine, Soda Ash, Bicarbonate, Muriatic Acid, and basic Algaecide as needed.
  • In the spring, we will test for and add Cyanuric Acid and Calcium Chloride as needed, if it is in a reasonable quantities due to normal loss caused by winter rain season. Some pool companies charge extra for this “spring tune-up” service.
  • Please Note: It is the customer’s responsibility to cover the costs of optional water treatment replacement cartridges, like Nature2  or Bac-Pac, or salt in case of salt chlorinator system – although any such treatments will be provided to the customer at discount below retail prices if they are available from our wholesaler. We will not add or drain water to or from your pool, we will leave a note indicating when we see the need for it and you need to take care of  it; It takes too long to complete it during our weekly visit.